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Life is short. Steal a fort! 

MÖRK BORG is a game about losing everything. It helps to have something to lose! This supplement has “rules,” hooks, encounters, and characters for fort-based survival. It’s best for high-level near-doom campaigns (after the fourth misery or so). Low on crunch, & with more flavor and misfortune than a wheel of boar cheese. 

Outfit Your Impending Tomb:

You did it! You've stolen a fort. Now it's time to make this ruin your own until the seventh psalm destroys it and you and everything! In the meantime, you might get to...

🗡️ Face trouble - from doomcarolers to goblin attacks, your fort is bound to attract attention! 

👻 Delve into the haunted crypts of your new home; discovering what once lived here... and what still does.

🧙‍♀️ Hire "friends" to join you (maybe a scumguard, or a wickhead cook, or a powerful snailwitchthe best companions silver can buy).

🏰 Cobble together defenses and unique buildings from the meatroach farm to the escape tunnel (and, most importantly, the graveyard). 

💀 Build a place for you and your comrades (living and dead) worth dying in!

For gamemasters, there are curses, plot hooks, quick tables, and regional consequences. Characters are statted, and the whole 18-page PDF is bookmarked for easy navigation, and there are some spooky folklore references in many of the curses, hooks, and details (in the spirit of the jam!). Plus... it's free! 

Words and layout by me. Art is all stock or licensed, or original. Some oblique references point to other third party content that are credited throughout. 

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

"Hovel of Miseries" is an independent production by grave snail games and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party Licenses.


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Are the Morale-modifying effects (Batflowers, Doomcarolers, Liar-Bird slander, etc.), intended to be permanent, or do they wear off?

By the way this whole thing is absolutely awesome. Definitely using it for my extra-evil irredeemable group so they can suffer for their sins even more!


Hehehe, I'm so glad you think so! My condolences to your players (in a good way). 💜


Hi! My intention was that any modifications that come from weekly Trouble rolls will last either until the end of the week / the next roll, or until they are specifically dealt with. That said, the idea of Doomcarolers who overstay their welcome and just will not leave is pretty funny, so we'll say Keeper's choice! 😅

That's what I figured. Can't wait for live-in Doomcarolers!

There seems to be some graphical glitches when I open the PDF. Some backgrounds are banded with thick white bars that makes the text unreadable.

Hmm, that's very strange! I just took a look at the files on my end, and things seem to be working. Can I ask what PDF viewer you're using? You're also welcome to email me, and I'm happy to send you a flattened version of the PDF! ✨ hello@psberge.com

Terror of Bureaucracy. This may be the greatest thing I've ever read in an RPG product. 

Wow, thanks so much!! :) It's the only thing in this supplement scarier than the two-headed, undead snails!